Education, as an Industry which uses technological services, is growing rapidly. We at JMI, try to deliver the best in-class technological services to educational institutions. We provide an array of services and products for the industry. ERP Platform development, Website Making, Portal for student progress tracking and college application processing, Interactive interview platform for the career centers, Dashboards which integrate all departments under one platform and integrated analytical tools for better data visualization are a few top-level business solutions which benefit the education industry.

Business Intelligence Solution

For the institutions, it has become imperative to maintain a large data repository, data backup and monitoring capability with the additional feature of data analysis and visualization. Our resources span from managing data repository to developing Business Intelligence System tailor-made for a university.

Interactive Interview Portal Solution

Our in-house product on interactive interview portal, will help the students and the career center staff alike in conducting interviews and applying for jobs.

Mobile and Web Development

Mobile and Web Development applications are of utmost importance to a university in terms of education, admission information and college life. We have an experienced UI/UX team who have worked on high-scale projects for creating applications and support on various platforms.

College Job Portal

Our in-house product will actually make student’s life easier with respect to searching jobs and creating profiles. Our Portal helps create a complete portfolio with the feature of 60 min elevator pitch. The portfolio will help potential employers to select appropriate candidates.

Virtual Learning Environment

Distance learning courses for professionals and virtual courses for students who want to learn via e-campus is possible by integrating a virtual environment which helps a professor interact with a batch of students and also provide different features like screen sharing, chat box and real-time audio and screen control exchange.