Over the past few years, no industry or sector has been affected more by the slow economy than the manufacturing sector. Manufacturing companies are challenged with reducing their costs while still maintaining the high quality that is expected of them by their clients.


Additionally, an increasingly globalized economy and growingly complex supply chains, are making it very difficult for manufacturing companies to succeed without adopting innovative new models of business. Furthermore, it is becoming more and more difficult to differentiate the lines that once separated the supplier, manufacturer, and consumer.As a result, companies must network new relationships and form partnerships in order to excel in a competitive industry.

At JMI, we understand the challenges and pressure that manufacturer’s face in reference to time restraints, costs, and quality assurance. Our skilled staff has worked extensively across the board in the manufacturing industry. Our team of experts is well-equipped to provide our clients with wide-ranging IT services.


Centralized Factory Data
  • Our software solutions enable customers to track and manage their assets, anytime, anywhere.
  • Furthermore, our individually tailored software solution allows clients to analyze past trends and predict future forecasts in the market place.
Manufacturing Execution Technology
  • Allows customers to execute and operate their businesses through a more digital business model.
  • Our interactive software solution helps diminish the lines that separate the control systems at the enterprise level creating a more synchronized communication network.