QA Automation

QA Test Automation
  • Serving clients for 22+ years
  • 3.5 M + Man Hours of Quality Assurance Experience
  • 2000+ Automation Suites created
Service Offerings in QA Division
  • Building Cloud-based Frameworks for QA Testing
  • Consultation, Execution and Maintenance of Test Automation
  • Automated Testing, API Testing, Mobile and Web Testing and Agile Testing
  • Date Integrity Testing, Risk-based Testing and AI based Test Automation
  • Extensive Quality Assurance Cognizance
  • Experienced and Certified QA Teams
  • Customer Centric approach to Solution Delivery
  • Global Footprint: New York (Headquarters), Tokyo and Delivery Centers in India
  • US, Europe and Asia; Mix of Fortune 500, Middle Market & Start-ups

Value Proposition

As part of our QA automation testing services, we are determined on a long-term partnership and we have the conviction to provide top-notch services to our customers.

Value Proposition
  • Expertise
    Deep experience in implementing complex test automation, QA Reporting and improving workflow processes.
  • Excellence
    DNA of quality and excellence. We differentiate based on depth, quality and value addition.
  • Economy
    Hybrid delivery model helps optimize costs while maintaining quality and customer centricity.
  • Execution
    For QA Testing we maintain a Railroad Approach or a waterfall model. But our Hybrid model composing of scrum workflows and agile methodology helps us execute complex processes within a project, that demands it. With a varied Approach based on customer requirements, we avoid risks and be up-to-date in an efficient manner.

Why JMI?

Why JMI?
  • Expertise in designing the Architecture and developing scripts based on it.
  • Injecting Testing Scenarios in the client’s current running processes.
  • We do not make use of any set-piece codes and all our codes and customized to the client needs.
  • We provided automated testing in cloud.
  • Various Programming and Subject Matter Experts can be used depending on the Project.
  • We make use of API’s and conduct server requests to reduce time to delivery and optimize testing.
  • All Automated testing scenarios are integrated with bug-tracking systems and test case management systems (like JIRA, ReQtest, Trac, Mantis, TestPad, TestRail, XRAY).
  • Parallel Testing or Multithreading is our go to approach for complex and multiple testing scenarios.

Our General Testing Workflow

Our General Testing Workflow
  • Understanding Client Requirements
  • Chalking out an efficient QA Process
  • Conducting POC on the QA frameworks and tools and choosing the optimum tool for the project
  • Test/Sprint Planning
  • Environment creation
  • Test/Sprint Execution
  • Compiling QA Results as a Report
  • QA Testing Review

Pros of our Automation Testing

Pros of our Automation Testing
  • Tests can be run throughout the day i.e. 24x7
  • Specific automated testing code can be reused
  • Extremely low to nil cost of maintenance
  • Human Involvement is zero, hence the Human Errors are reduced drastically
  • Our stringent POC methods for selecting a framework or tool for the project
  • We guarantee the most optimized architecture for the project
  • We have the expertise to custom build entire test case scenarios

Frameworks & Tools

We use the best technologies to meet our customers' needs

allure appium aws browserstack capybara codeception codeceptjs cucumber cypressio jira mantis mocha protractor reqtest robotframework saucelabs selenide selenium testpad testrail trac watir webdriverio xray