Social Media

Social Media is quickly becoming a lynchpin of marketing strategies around the world. Meanwhile, successful businesses catch on to the significant advantages, of tapping into this new channel of communication. Together, with the increasingly important sphere of mobile applications, social media is creating a rich space of opportunities for companies to accelerate their business.

Social Media

Our team of experts can assist in formulating innovative social media strategies, to integrate seamlessly into our clients’ existing business frameworks. Incorporating social media and enterprise mobility, the JMI team offers solutions using the most up-to-date media technologies and platforms.

We help expand the reach and durability of our clients’ brands and we gain real-time insights into their business operations. Our Customer-Facing Portals, enhance Customer Relationship Management, so our clients can connect easily with customers on a daily basis.

JMI delivers powerful solutions by incorporating social media, into the backbone of our client’s internal, business operations. We take a forward-looking approach, to consolidate our clients’ internal communication channels, enhancing and streamlining collaboration across entire companies.


Web Application Development

Creating a website according to the needs of the business while integrating it within a social media channel

Social Media Management

Consulting where and how to set up social media, analyzing advantages and disadvantages, implementing CRM solutions within the channel

Social Media Marketing

Digital Advertising management, delivering advertising message strategies